Zemits HydroLuxx
Hydrodermabrasion & Oxygen Infusion System

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Smart Skin Care System A Great Investment
For A Successful Esthetic Business

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Zemits Hydroluxx
Advanced Technologies, Revolutionizing The "Standard" Facial
  • Gentle skin peeling with a hydro-solution treatment
  • Vacuum massage and lymphatic drainage
  • Extraction of damaged skin cells
The Final Touch?
The Oxygen Infusion & Skin Hydration Therapy
  • Powerful technology boosts the absorption of nutrients
  • A glowing finish with NO irritation
  • Accelerated hydration
Make smart investments. Choose Zemits.
  • The #1 Facial Treatment of 2019.
  • Guaranteed instant and incomparable results.
  • A stunning combination of: Gentle exfoliation, pneumatic suction, extraction, and Oxygen Infusion.
  • The advanced HydroLuxx technology provides captivating, glowing, and healthy results in one simple, simultaneous action.
  • You have the freedom to utilize the hydro-solution of your choice.
  • No binding to any specific facial serum or product, giving you the option to use the perfect solution according to your client's facial needs.

Hydro luxx facial. How does it work?
The process of Hydrodermabrasion is simultaneous rather than consecutive.
Hydrodermabrasion can be performed as an individual treatment or accompanied.
The abrasive pneumatic chamber located on the tip immediately exfoliates the dry dead skin cells. Simultaneously, the pneumatic suction inputs the hydro-serum onto the skin, infusing it with ingredients based on the skin's needs.
This triple and advanced technology optimizes the entire treatment by concurrently stimulating blood circulation and lymphatic flow.
Deep cleansing and rejuvenation are obtained through the peeling serum, all while the abrasive surface tip provides mechanical exfoliation of the damaged and dry cells, and extraction of the blackheads.
As a result, radiant, smooth, and rejuvenated skin is achieved.

Oxygen Infusion System
Oxygen infusion is the splendid final touch to the Hydro Luxx Treatment.
Once finished with the Hydro Luxx Treatment, the Oxygen Infusion system will infuse the skin with immense hydration and restoration. Any residing irritation or redness will be eliminated.
Additional benefits include an increased youthful appearance, smooth skin, and accelerated hydration for a brighter complexion.

The Zemits Hydro Luxx has a unique set of tips:

1. Dual Forte & Dual Sense Tips: (Recommended for Oily/Pigmented/Mature Skin)
Two large Hydro-diamond tips. Abrasive, double action technology produces deep exfoliation for both facial and whole-body treatments.Dual Sense: Two small Hydro-diamond tips- ideally used for sensitive skin, simultaneously delivers a deep exfoliation and a gentle pneumatic suction.

2. Ruffle Peel: (Recommended for sensitive/acne skin)
One Large and one small gentle peeling tips.The larger ruffle is ideal for sensitive skin, smaller ruffle is ideal for eyes and lips area.Contains no diamond plate. Delivers a less aggressive exfoliation

3. Spiral Deep: (For extractions and infusion)
One Large and one small extraction tip provided. Ideally used for extractions on T-zone, nose, chin, forehead area.*Tips and sizes are selected based on skin type and condition. Each treatment is unique and offers the opportunity to customize accordingly.

Results after One Hydroluxx Facial
Return on Investment
According to our customer's feedback, it usually takes up to 4-5 weeks to return on your investment, if you are an existing business with established clientele. You can expect about 2-2.5 months if you are just starting your business and need to build up your clientele.
Instant visual results
Customer Benefits
Cosmetologist Benefits
after treatments
Safe and effective technologies
and stable income
Fast return on your investment
Saves clients time
each treatment lasts about 15-25 min
Free one-on-one training
with licensed estheticians
36-Month Warranty
and lifetime client support
without downtime
2-Year Warranty
Free training
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