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What is the Zemits Skin Analysis System?

Zemits Skin Analysis System - it is the most modern equipment in the industry for analyzing facial skin, as well as for capturing, displaying and comparing results. The device uses the technology of spectral imaging RGB, UV, and PL, in combination with artificial intelligence and image analysis. After 12 years of testing, and over 300 trials, this system is proven to provide an effective skin analysis in just 15-seconds.

This system can detect a total of 12 skin problems of the dermis and epidermis such as age spots, pores, moisture, texture, wrinkles and so on. Based on our studies, the Zemits Skin Analysis System can recommend products for an individual skin care regimen based on products that you sell in your salon and even predicts skin conditions within the next 3-5 years. This is an revolutionary skin analysis for cosmetic companies, salons, spas, clinics and educational institutions.

Why do I need the Skin Analyzer?

The Skin Analyzer allows Aestheticians and Dermatologists alike to assess and treat targeted skin concerns based on the skin conditions indicated, in turn minimizing a subjective conclusion and instead more accurately determine possible side effects while improving the identified skin condition. Analyzations such as this are a perfect compliment in a clinical or spa setting and top aestheticians, doctors, and dermatologists alike have incorporated this treatment into their practice.


  • Analysis of 12 prominent skin problems
Pore enlargement, acne, developing wrinkles, skin texture or future development of wrinkles, sebum secretion, pigmentation, skin hydration, sensitivity, cell metabolism, UV damage, skin aging and skin condition improvement

  • The client sees the result of the procedures and wants to come again
Sometimes the result, for example, of ultrasonic facial cleansing is difficult to visually assess. But when the client sees how clean their pores are, they will definitely sign up for another procedure. Also, anti-aging protocols have a cumulative result. Thanks to the "comparison" function with the skin analyzer, you can see the result of moisturizing the skin and the future development of wrinkles.

  • How to determine which products to use
The Zemits Skin Analysis System skin analyzer makes it possible to assign products to the client by skin type and work out problems based on an accurate analysis of the skin condition, as well as prevent the use of products that can harm.

  • Easy to use
It takes only 15 seconds to analyze, the device is easy to control thanks to a simple and convenient interface, so even a novice will not need more than 15-20 minutes to understand the functionality of the machine. You will also receive training and detailed instructions from our Aesthetic trainers.

What indicators can be analyzed?

The spectral imaging technology RGB, UV, and PL show a detailed number of skin problems such as enlarged pores, wrinkles, pigmentation, etc. The client can view 12 possible skin conditions one at a time, swiping them from right to left at the top of the skin analysis screen. In addition, you can view the full report with recommendations for skincare products by moving it from the bottom to the top.
  • Pores seen in RGB spectral imaging: shows the current large pores on the skin surface that exceed the normal pore size with a diameter of 0.02-0.05 mm.
  • Acne in RGB spectral imaging: represents the current spot, the color of which is darker than the usual color of the skin and forms a round shape on the surface of the skin.
  • Wrinkles in RGB spectral imaging: displays the current state of wrinkles, as well as any area that has more volume. The higher the percentage, the more prominent the wrinkles.
  • Skin texture in spectral imaging PL: displays the current skin texture, predicts the future pattern and condition of wrinkles.
  • Porphyrin in UV spectral imaging: displays sebum secretion in the current dermis layer through black dot distribution.
  • Pigmentation in UV spectral imaging: shows the current pigmentation of the dermis, which predicts potential future pigmentation in areas where there is already developing pigmentation. The darker the image, the more concentrated the pigmentation is in that area meaning they require more attention.
  • UV hydration: displays the state of skin hydration in the dermis.
  • Sensitive area: indicates the state of sensitivity of the skin, which is allergic to changing seasons or when using cosmetics with heavy metals.
  • Brown zone: displays the state of metabolism of skin cells. Some patients need more time to recover skin after laser procedures, as their skin cell metabolism is slower. With the help of brown dots we can see these zones.
  • UV damage: This is a stain deep under the skin caused by prolonged exposure to the sun, the rare use of sunscreen and burns. Long-term, serious pigmentation remains deep in the skin.
  • Skin aging: shows the condition of the skin in the next 3-5 years, if you do not change or improve skin care.
  • Improving the condition of the skin: displays the condition of the skin after 3-5 years, if you pay more attention to professional methods of skin care.
Return on Investment
According to our customer's feedback, it usually takes up to 4-5 weeks to return on your investment, if you are an existing business with established clientele. You can expect about 2-2.5 months if you are just starting your business and need to build up your clientele.
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I always worried about the equipment that I ordered to the salon. My reputation is important to me, so I want to provide only high-quality cosmetic services. With this helps me products from Zemits. It is not only innovative but really safe, effective and powerful. And as a nice bonus, it has a stylish design! I always choose multifunctional duals to increase the number of services. Never had a malfunction. I also subscribed to the company's newsletter and now regularly receive letters with useful information. I am pleased! *
*The results are completely individual. They depend on client's health and features.

Zemits Reviews

Jacky Ross
Maria Lewis
Choosing a company when opening your own beauty salon is also in a big city, where a lot of competition is very
important. But with Zemits, I was definitely not mistaken. Brand advised a friend who also makes orders only from this company. I like the fact that the company constantly releases some new, cool products. It's like Apple but in the cosmetics business.
In most countries, I have noticed big problems with logistics (and this is not a matter of logical companies, namely, in online stores). But Zemits has no problems with it at all. I've been making orders for the 2nd year (I ordered devices every six months) and there have never been delivery delays or failures. The goods always reached a maximum of a day after the agreed date, which was not important for me. There was a case when I had to arrange delivery 10 days after placing the order, and the company did everything as we agreed. And there was a moment when it was necessary to send urgently (the machine I needed was in stock, as I was informed then) and I actually received the goods after a couple of days. And even for such a simple reason, in any case, I will choose Zemits, even if they have prices higher than those of competitors.
Caurtney Russell
We appreciate your feedback!
Spa Owner
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