Zemits Quidion Lite

Elevating Your Aesthetic Practice
Zemits QuiDion Lite transforms the realm of laser hair removal, combining robust performance, easy-to-use functionality, and advanced features in a single device. Designed to elevate and streamline your aesthetic practice, QuiDion Lite brings a new level of simplicity to a staple treatment.

QuiDion Lite: Superiority in Hair Removal

Power and Precision Reimagined

QuiDion Lite is an aesthetic marvel, delivering an impressive 1200W with a 808 nm diode laser for expedited treatments and smoother outcomes. Its two interchangeable heads provide unmatched precision for targeted treatments and swift performance for larger areas.

Accommodating Every Skin Type

QuiDion Lite isn't just about power; it's about versatility. This innovative device safely caters to all six skin types. Its built-in automatic modes and predefined settings tailor to different skin conditions, making it a truly versatile tool for your practice.