Zemits VitaLuster

Professional Vitamin C serum for infusion that is perfect for Oxygen Facials, Non-Invasive Mesotherapy, and more.

Vitamin C serums is particularly identified for its propensity to dam melanin formation, stopping undesirable pigmentation and darkish spots.
Our natural merchandise are free from alcohol, gluten, sulfates, parabens, and phthalates.
Most oxygen infusion, non-invasive mesotherapy, hydro dermabrasion, and different structures to penetrate answers deep into the epidermis are secure to apply with Zemits VitaLuster serum.

Vitamin C Super Serum contains a highly concentrated form of vitamin C and also a range of skin-strengthening antioxidants and regenerating chemicals.

VitaLuster Vit C Serum

Three Reasons to Love It:

For infusion treatments, it is indeed perfectly balanced. For a comprehensive facial, neck, and décolletage treatment, only 3–5ml of serum is necessary. Only the most potent chemicals and moisture-boosting ceramides are used in this formula.

Targeted Delivery:

Our Vitamin C infusion serum captures the oil in our skin. This occurrence optimizes the VitaLuster Vit C's deep infusion into the skin, where it is needed.

Vitamin C, a skin-brightening booster, is a spectacular ingredient for amplifying skin's radiance.