Zemits Abigon Pro

The Zemits Abigon Pro is the latest, most advanced Comprehensive Body Sculpting System.
Carefully crafted by Zemits team of engineers and aesthetic professionals, the Abigon PRO combines the most proven effective technologies in body and face remodeling:
  • Cavitation 30K-40K
  • Unique Vacuum EndoRF
  • Six-Polar Body RF
  • Tri-Polar Face RF
  • Bi-Polar Eye RF

Cavitation technology ​​introduces powerful low-frequency ultrasound waves technology which aims to break apart the fatty cells and reduce local fat deposits.
Benefits of Zemits Cavitation 
  • Powerful low-frequency Ultrasound Fat Reduction Technology
  • Professional and safe technology
  • Non-invasive slimming treatment
  • Pain-free therapy with no downtime
  • Targeted body fat reduction
  • Instant and long-lasting results

Supreme Ultrasound Power
The effectiveness of Cavitation treatment depends on the list of factors, including technique, client's lifestyle, and Cavitation Power
Zemits Abigon Pro is the unique Body Contouring device on market with power 2x compared to others cavitation machines on market.
80W/cm2 ultrasound power helps achieving greater slimming results with less treatments