Zemits Hydroclear

Why do you need Zemits HydroClear serum
The brightening hydro-peeling serum from the American brand Zemits “HydroClear” deeply cleanses and softens the skin, which greatly facilitates the process of removing the stratum corneum and sebum from the pores.
The enriched formula of HydroClear Serum helps to easily remove dead skin cells with deep exfoliation, while also providing intense hydration.
The natural components of the HydroClear hydro-peeling solution strengthen the skin, have a lifting effect and eliminate the appearance of fine wrinkles

-HydroClear is suitable for all skin types, brightens and rejuvenates.
  • Serum HYDROCLEAR is used during the hydropeeling procedure.
  • Zemits Cosmetic is the only line that is alcohol-free compared to other solutions on the market.
  • HYDROCLEAR Solution has a slightly thick consistency and is ideally balanced with active ingredients to deeply exfoliate and moisturize the skin.
  • This solution is used without dilution to maximize desincrustation and soothing congestion and acne.
  • HYDROCLEAR is highly concentrated and allows a small amount (only 50 ml per procedure) to produce the perfect facial treatment.
  • The new Z-Solution formula will give your clients better results than ever before.
  • The 500 ml HYDROCLEAR bottle can be used for 10 treatments.