Zemits Quidion 808

New generation QDC technology in Zemits QUIDION diode laser
Quick Dynamic Control ™ (QDC) is a patented technology designed to improve diode laser performance for maximum energy efficiency.

Top active cooling system
The Zemits QUIDION diode laser is equipped with a system that contains a 5-level active cooling scheme to minimize pain during the entire procedure. The cooling complex includes a double water block, reinforced TEC and air cooling, which allows you to work for a long time without overheating the device.

One of the features of the diode laser is an ultra-convenient, touch-sensitive SMART-screen, moving along which you can easily adjust the necessary parameters in 2 swipes, as if you were moving across a smartphone screen. The control of the device is based on the operating system, which contains a large number of procedure templates for easy and intuitive operation.

Optimal wavelength for hair removal Today 808 nm is the most modern technology of diode bars.
The system is popular and efficient because the power of such diodes is maximum. But, at the same time, such a light wave does not injure the surrounding tissues.

Constant updating of the diode laser system.
Now you have an advanced interface update system available, which optimizes the operation of the device and adds new functionality. This way you always get up-to-date software. And this is the first time on the world laser market.

Additional feature - skin rejuvenation
The laser has a skin rejuvenation function - another beneficial advantage for a beautician. Diode laser is completely athermic, has low-power radiation, does not stimulate intense tissue heating, evaporation and coagulation, has an exclusively stimulating and analgesic effect.