Zemits RevolveSculpt

Zemits RevolveSculpt – A New Era for Skincare!

Zemits RevolveSculpt is a premium quality and technologically advanced workstation that combines various highly effective and non-invasive technologies for cosmetic enhancement; all in one spot. This unique combines four highly-precise and latest innovations for delivering various aesthetic enhancement services. These innovations include:
  • Non-invasive Radio Frequency (RF)
  • LED Light Therapy
  • Vacuum Pulse Massage
  • Unique Rotation Mechanism

Why do You Need RevolveSculpt?

  • RevolveSculpt is one of the most advanced and one-of-its-kind aesthetic enhancement and body contouring technology.
  • The premium design and quality of Zemits RevolveSculpt has a sleek finish which is comforting to use not only for the practitioners but also for the patients.
  • Unlike most other cosmetic enhancement devices that use RF or Vacuum therapies, RevolveSculpt delivers a soothing rather than an uneasy experience.

Whether its skin laxity, cellulite or excess fat deposits in different parts of your body, Zemits RevolveSculpt can target them all. It allows for a tailored treatment for each patient allowing the practitioners to reduced localized fat and body circumference.