Zemits MediAbsolute

The Perfect Conductive Gel formula is a breakthrough in the conductive gel industry.

For the most popular aesthetic treatments, Zemits MediAbsolute is a choice of medical aestheticians and skincare professionals.
Multi-Purpose Conductive Gel can be used for a variety of applications, including:

  • IPL and Lasers treatments
  • Ultrasound and Microcurrent treatments, as well as others current technologies: galvanic, mesotherapy, EMS.
  • Cavitation, RF, Laser Lipo
  • CryoTherapy


  • IPL and Diode lasers have perfect transparent conductivity for laser light.
  • Ultrasound face and Cavitation body treatments with a long-lasting conductor.
  • Microcurrent, RF, and other current-based treatments require a smooth conductor.
  • CryoTherapy for smooth conductivity of low temperature applications.