Zemits Foriginexx

Zemits Foriginexx is the best assistant in cosmetology and dermatology!
The main task of the electrocoagulator is to effectively remove neoplasms (papillomas, warts, etc.) by cauterization. The device generates high-frequency pulses that warm up the working part of the handpiece in a very short time. The procedure is fast and does not have a long rehabilitation period. At the site of the removed neoplasm, a crust is formed, which is then replaced by healthy skin. This is the technique that will have a constant stream of clients, all thanks to the demand for the procedure.

Indications for use of the Zemits Foriginexx electrocoagulator:
  • Papillomas and condylomas.
  • Warts and moles.
  • Fats and xanthomas.
  • Vascular mesh.