Zemits Cryodenic

⭐️ Zemits Cryodenic is an advanced cryolipolysis system for fat reduction. 360 degree handpiece, cooling elements are located throughout the handpiece, which makes the procedure even more efficient
⭐️Three ergonomic maniples - two for the body and one for the chin. At the same time, two maniples can work simultaneously
⭐️Seven additional, interchangeable nozzles on the maniple for working out different thicknesses of the fat fold
⭐️Pulse mode minimizes pain and improves the effect of the procedure
⭐️Safe cooling down to -11 degrees. Field-proven performance has made it the #1 choice on the market

Technologies Zemits
With Cryolipolysis 360 technology, fat cells don't stand a chance.

The Cryodenic Zemits device uses 360 technology with cooling down to -11 degrees. This technology contributes to a better study of the fat fold from all sides, leaving no chance for fat.
Pulse suction mode minimizes pain and discomfort during the procedure.

Cryodenic maniples are designed with maximum ease of use in mind. The set includes 7 interchangeable nozzles with different sizes of penetration depth. Now you can select the nozzle as accurately as possible depending on the thickness of the fat layer.

What is included in the Zemits Cryodenic package:
Large body maniple
Medium handpiece for the body
Small chin pad