Zemits Elastistrom

Zemits ElastiStrom is an innovative microcurrent stimulation system from the American brand Zemits.

⭐️ Built-in three operating modes and nine intensity levels
⭐️ Portable format of TOP anti-age technology
⭐️ Suitable for both professional and home use
⭐️ Modern, laconic design
⭐️ To buy a portable microcurrent device with Zemits ElastiStrom gloves means to offer our customers an effective, proven by thousands of cosmetologists, anti-aging procedure

Zemits ElastiStrom is an innovative device for microcurrent muscle stimulation. Microcurrent therapy is a technique that uses a weak pulsed current in the range of 10 μA to restore cell potential. It imitates the physiological currents of the body and restores the cellular potential, starts the production of lipids, proteins, enzymes and other components of the vital activity of cells, increases the synthesis of ATP, the transport of amino acids, and restores the ability to regenerate. It is a safe and effective technology for customers who want to achieve and maintain a healthier and more youthful appearance.