Zemits Verstand HD

The Verstand HD device from the American brand Zemits is a new model of a cosmetology combine, on which 8 effective procedures are performed to cleanse and rejuvenate the skin.

⭐️ Simple controls, stylish design and effective results.
⭐️ The latest trending technique for skin cleansing is water microdermabrasion.
⭐️ Minimum serum consumption - only 5 ml is required for 1 procedure.
⭐️ The most effective set of functions with which such treatment protocols can be carried out: anti-age, treatment of problem skin, treatment of pigmentation, treatment of dry and dehydrated skin, cleansing and nutrition.
⭐️ Buy Verstand HD 8 in 1 beauty machine - replace several monofunctional devices at once and give your customers the opportunity to carry out complex procedures.

Together with the Zemits Verstand HD device, you get 6 combined protocols for effective procedures:
  1. Protocol 1 For problematic skin
  2. Protocol 2 For dry and dehydrated skin
  3. Protocol 3 For skin pigmentation
  4. Protocol 4 Lymphatic stimulation
  5. Protocol 5 Cleansing and Nutrition
  6. Protocol 6 Anti-Age Protocol