Zemits VivoTite


Zemits VivoTite is a mighty professional grade handheld Microcurrent device created for advanced anti-aging treatments.

Proudly designed in California and already loved by the top Aesthetic professionals in 17 different countries. 

VivoTite generates a specific range of Microcurrent pulses for tighter skin, more toned muscles, and a healthier all over glow. 
Zemits VivoTite tones and trains the facial muscles while sculpting the face into its youthful, natural state. 
VivoTite uses a gentle Microcurrent range to exercise facial muscles and stimulate healthy blood circulation, enhancing the skin’s more hydrated, dewy complexion.
A Professional grade device that can fit into any treatment room, or your home. 

Why choose VivoTite?
1. Advanced Intelligent Microcurrent Facial Toning
With a smooth and comfortable Bi-Polar structure, the Microcurrent facial is now a simple and easy treatment. The conductive spherical electrodes are perfectly shaped for facial sculpting and deep toning Microcurrent facial massage. This treatment allows for tightening of the skin along with the boosting of collagen and elastin production by mimicking the body’s already naturally-occuring electrical currents. 
2. Deep Infusion Technology 
Along with muscle toning, VivoTite helps to infuse serums deeper to hydrate the skin, drastically improving local blood circulation and bringing much needed Oxygen to the skin’s surface. 
3. User Friendly System
The Zemits VivoTite was created by a group of experienced medical engineers with a goal to make it effective and thus easy to use. As a result, you have the most user-friendly microcurrent system currently available on the market. 
4. Clean Professional Zemits Design 
VivoTite has a convenient ergonomic design created for a great treatment experience: easy to hold, nice to use, and fun to experience.