Zemits EstiLED


About LED Light Therapy

LED light therapy is a non-invasive aesthetic procedure that works at a cellular level (especially great for fighting active acne and rosacea). The soothing, deep penetrating LED lights target deep cells heightening their internal functions, photo-stimulating dermal blood flow and creating faster healing so the skin rejuvenates. New LED Light Therapy System Zemits EstiLED does not contain ultraviolet rays; therefore, it is safe for regular use for all skin colours and types.

Zemits EstiLED doesn't cause burns compared to other anti-ageing treatments such as chemical peels, dermabrasion, and laser therapy.

It has 6 different wavelengths of light to treat various skin conditions and can be used for face, scalp and body treatments by adjusting the head flap.

It helps eliminate wrinkles and stimulates collagen production to lift up the skin. It improves blооd flow to the skin tissues and, therefore, the transportation of oxygen and nutrients to the cells. At the same time, the extra collagen and elastin will smooth and plump out the skin to slow and reduce the effects of ageing on the skin, giving it а more youthful appearance.

Green light is absorbed by the melanin-producing skin cells, delaying melanin production and gradually shattering up extra melanin collections, which are then reabsorbed by the skin. In addition, the green light has а highly calming effect on the skin. It can also brighten the complexion bу, helping to lighten areas of hyperpigmentation, freckles and age spots. At the same time, green light photo-facials can soothe the skin's surface with their anti-inflammatory properties.


Blue light in this wavelength range has proven to have potent bacteria-fighting properties. Moreover, this light, especially adequate for mild to moderate acne conditions, can kill Р. acnes, one of the primary acne-causing bacteria.