Zemits Verstand

8 in 1 Facial Machine
The state-of-art Zemits Technology is a unique synergy of deep knowledge and passion for skincare and beauty. Zemits Verstand is a part of the legendary Full-Feature Aesthetic Systems line. The Zemits Verstand is a cutting-edge full-featured platform of the most advanced and effective treatments.

The Zemits Verstand is a unique system that provides up to 25 different customized treatment protocols for any skin condition offering these 8 functions:

1. Radiofrequency Skin Firming
2. No Needle Mesotherapy
3. Eye Firming Treatment
4. Diamond Microdermabrasion
5. Oxygen Infusion Therapy
6. Ultrasonic Peeling
7. Vacuum Therapy
8. Cold Therapy

Benefits of the Zemits Verstand

1. Buying a multifunction machine it means getting 8 popular functions in 1 machine. Combine the techniques with each other and give the client the maximum effect!

2. Procedures for delicate cleansing and visible skin rejuvenation are the TOP trend in the world.

3. Business will be able to quickly return investments:

4. The updated stylish design of the device will beautify the salon and attract the attention of customers.