Zemits UltraNexx PRO

Zemits presents the new Ultranexx Pro - a 3D HIFU Smas lifting device for face and body skin tightening.
An innovative device with advanced 3D HIFU technology that has a lconic, modern design, a user-friendly interface and is equipped with different cartridges with powerful ultrasound penetration with a depth from 1.5mm to 16 mm, each cartridge has a resource of 20,000 lines.

⭐️ The safest and most effective non-surgical rejuvenation in 2021
⭐️ Only 1 treatments is required for a lasting lifting effect
⭐️ Convenient setting of parameters based on the needs of the client
⭐️ Buying a SMAS lifting device means attracting new customers

Zemits technologies in SMAS lifting and body modeling

3D HIFU uses the principle of high-intensity focused ultrasound to penetrate sound waves to heat tissues. This is a short-term heating of the subcutaneous layer to the optimum 65-75 degrees Celsius.

During treatment, the device precisely controls the energy and focuses on the required layer of the skin. As a result of such thermal action, small foci of coagulation are formed, reaching a depth clearly specified by a specialist.

Importantly, the upper layers, such as the epidermis, are not injured. This change in temperature in hot spots stimulates contraction and contraction of collagen fibers in the SMAS, while accelerating the production of new collagen fibres.

Easy SMART device control

The skin care specialist can easily select the necessary parameters in accordance with the needs of clients using a wide selection of settings and the SMART interface of the device.

Zemits Ultranexx Pro has a wide working surface area on the cartridge which significantly reduces treatment time - a bonus advantage for the aesthetician.