Zemits Skin Analysis Pro

⭐️Now one and a half times the screen for ultra-precise analysis: 15.6 inches
⭐️Screen resolution 20 megapixels instead of 16 - won't miss a single wrinkle
⭐️ A comprehensive analysis of the skin by 12 factors - the degree of skin hydration, the presence and depth of acne, the state of skin texture and enlargement of pores
⭐️ 30 million clinical databases for accurate results
⭐️ Just 15 seconds to analyze and predict the client's skin condition up to 3-5 years ahead
⭐️ New USA 2021

Zemits Skin Analysis Pro - new opportunities for your business
Innovative equipment designed to capture and display the condition of the skin before, during and after cosmetic treatment. Based on artificial intelligence, the device visualizes the condition of the skin based on RGB, UV, PL technologies.

Years of research is what this model is based on. This:
12 years of testing theories and hypotheses.
30 million clinical databases that are collected in the process of research.
Using this data, the Zemits Skin Analysis Pro skin analyzer is able to analyze the client's face in just 15 seconds by 12 key indicators, including determining the presence of pigmentation, wrinkle depth and the condition of the pores.

Also, this model is able to draw up an individual care program and even predict its condition for several years in advance, subject to correct and incorrect care.

This is an indispensable assistant for every cosmetologist, a device that will help to make the right care, based on a deep analysis of the skin of different depths.