Zemits LumiosClear

The Zemits LumiosClear cleansing foam is a professional-grade skincare product for home-use or in-clinic. Provide your skin with a deep and thorough cleansing experience.
An environmentally friendly formula that is not tested on animals. The foam has a delicate consistency that does not violate the integrity of the skin and its protective functions, therefore after cleansing, there is no feeling of skin tightness or discomfort.

The cleansing foam acts in a complex manner, and with constant use it improves skin’s condition with healthy, beautiful and radiant results. Thorough cleansing is the first mandatory stage of any cosmetic procedure and a guarantee of skin health.

⭐️ Developed in California- USA
⭐️ environmentally friendly composition, confirmed by the ECOSERT certificate
⭐️ delicate cleansing - does not disrupt the lipid balance and protective barrier
⭐️ Thoroughly cleanses dirt, make-up, toxins, sebaceous deposits, relieves inflammation, mattifies, normalizes the sebaceous glands, with constant use prevents rashes
⭐️ Not tested on animals, vegan formula