Zemits BriluMax

Zemits BriluMax – Complete Rejuvenation of Skin

The Zemits BriluMax is a versatile compact professional LED device that can be integrated in a multitude of ways to transform a skincare business. Whether you run a dermatology clinic or aesthetic enhancement, adding BriluMax to your equipment list will bring in the customer satisfaction.

Why do you need Zemits BriluMax?

  • The advanced BriluMax LED technology has three different wavelengths: Red, Green and Blue. It ensures optimum cell activation and provides superior and lasting standalone results for the face and body.
  • Ideal for small treatment spaces, the Zemits BriluMax has a foldable structure that allows for safe storage between the treatments.
  • With high demand for LED Light Treatment Zemits BriluMax is a perfect add-on to any facial or body service.
  • It is an express LED Light facial service, that can increase your clients’ results and boost your business.