Zemits PressMio

3 actions in 1 treatment for maximum results of weight loss and body strengthening
Pressotherapy device Zemits PressMio is a lymphatic drainage procedure! Not only massage with compressed air, but also the function of myostimulation, infrared heating. High-quality study of problem areas using the LCD screen, 3 levels of intensity and 4 programs of air pressure (+ manual setting). Professional equipment for the development of your business.

High-quality slimming and strengthening of the body with a 3-in-1 procedure
The pressotherapy device with infrared heating and myostimulation Zemits PressMio is a solid base among modeling and lymphatic drainage techniques. We have combined three technologies in one device to achieve visible results from the very first procedures.

1. Pressotherapy. 1 session of this mechanical procedure is equal in effectiveness to 5 manual massage procedures! The technique has a complex positive effect on the body: it removes puffiness, removes toxins and excess fluid from the body, reduces cellulite and accelerates blood circulation, lymph flow.

2. Myostimulation. Technology based on the impact of low-frequency electrical impulses. They contract muscle tissue with a double effect: destroying fat cells, strengthening muscles. The pulses also tone the skin, increasing turgor. During the procedure, special attachments are fixed in problem areas.

3. Infrared heating. Infrared rays generate heat energy that affects problem areas from the inside. Warming up accelerates intracellular metabolism and blood circulation, activates lymph circulation. It also helps to accelerate biochemical reactions and catabolism of fat cells, thereby reducing their volume. Infrared heating can also relieve muscle tension.