Zemits CelluSpice Pro

What is CelluSpice Massage?
A Revolutionary Approach to Thermal Vacuum Massage.
Embracing a 100% holistic method, CelluSpice proves to be an essential step following any cryotherapy procedure, whether vacuum-associated or employing a direct gliding cryo technique. CelluSpice allows for the introduction of contrast stimulation after the application of cold treatment by utilizing a heated vacuum handpiece.
The contrast treatment protocol is not only invigorating but also instrumental in optimizing circulatory and lymphatic flow. In addition, it bolsters the resilience of capillaries while enhancing body contouring and slimming outcomes.
Experience the transformative impact of thermal vacuum massage with CelluSpice, the definitive companion to your cryotherapy services.

Zemits CelluSpice Pro – Stand out of a crowd with a unique Thermal Body Contouring Technology
It's 100% natural with no side effects! Zemits CelluSpice Pro from is used as an add on or stand-alone technique for various treatments including aggressive treatments such ultrasonic cavitation, or cryotherapy.
The advanced technology of CelluSpice Pro, added with high precision, are perfect for toning and contouring any body type.
Thermal Body Contouring is non-aggressive and non-invasive therapeutic procedure, with no downtime and no known side effects. CelluSpice Pro delivers this procedure perfectly!