Zemits Exfomatte

Zemits ExfoMatte is a portable device of the latest generation for microdermabrasion and vacuum pore cleaning with LED-therapy function.

⭐️ The bestseller in the USA, a device that combines 3 methods under one body. Not only cleansing the skin surface with diamond microdermabrasion, lymphatic stimulation with vacuum therapy, but also rejuvenation, combating problem skin and pigmentation with the function of LED therapy.
⭐️ Touch control and 5 power modes - customize the procedure parameters individually for each client.
⭐️ The device is compact, ergonomic and easy to operate.
⭐️ Buy Zemits ExfoMatte - to delight customers with a novelty that can easily carry out a comprehensive cleansing protocol

Equipment set:
  1. Diamond microdermabrasion tip.
  2. Round nozzle for vacuum pore cleaning.
  3. Elliptical vacuum therapy attachment.
  4. Silicone tip for vacuum therapy.
  5. Cover for LED therapy.